A Quick Introduction

So I’ve done the blog thing before. And it never really worked, because I was making the blog for other people. I wanted to please them and to fit in and so I made something that I knew I wouldn’t keep up with. Now I made this. So there’s a lot of different categories, because […]

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Oh dude yes please

SO. Creadora Fantasma has created a prompt a week challenge. That I fully intend to participate (and fail miserably) in. I will be starting this on Monday. The link is here: https://volarconmigo.wordpress.com/2018/06/06/a-prompt-a-week-series/ YOU SHOULD DO IT TOO, THREE PEOPLE THAT WILL SEE THIS. THERE ARE SOME RLLY CREATIVE PROMPTS. IT’S GONNA BE GR8E M8E anyway yeah

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On Killing a Mary Sue

The dreaded words any writer fears – Mary Sue. A character so perfect, so flawless, so adored by their creator…. a plague upon writing. No one wants a Mary Sue, yet so many exist anyway. Many times, the writer will just deny that their character is so terrible, but the readers know. The readers always know. […]

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i guess i always knew you weren’t invincible but when you looked at me with those eyes (dark like night, glittering with adventure and intelligence) sometimes i forgot   and sometimes when i saw you i’d wonder if it was a front but i never pressed too hard because i’m not sure i wanted to […]

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trigger warning: mentions of self harm be safe. don’t read it if it’s going to hurt you.   today, my body revolts against my  brain. my brain is not innocent, but it’s trying. my brain feeds me fear tonight and bad thoughts, but it’s trying so hard to keep me safe.   my body is […]

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I could be a hermit maybe

Anyone remember when I said I was going to be posting regularly? Yeah that was a lie. Part of the problem is that once I miss my deadline, I get sad about missing it and then it’s too depressing to go back and fix it because I feel bad about it, and then it’s a […]

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an update and a tag

this whole writing thing is exceptionally hard. It’s hard to remember to do. It’s hard to get motivation to do. It’s hard to just do.   And I haven’t been very good at trying. So I’m gonna try again. Let’s, for fun, say I’m gonna post every monday and friday now. It won’t happen but […]

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